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Libertarian Presidential Candidate Wants To Colonize Space




|| By FITSNEWS || Just when we thought we’d brought libertarianism to the mainstream … at least in South Carolina … along comes a presidential candidate with some decidedly “out of this world” ideas.

Keenan Wallace Dunham of Myrtle Beach, S.C. describes himself as “a Christian dedicated to family values and peace in the world.”  And while he’s mounting a long-shot bid to earn a nomination which itself is long-shot for the presidency … he’s got some common sense ideas on the legalization of marijuana and the elimination of the individual income tax.

This website has written for years in support of both those concepts …

Dunham’s views get a bit off the beaten path, though, when his campaign website addresses the issue of “space colonization.”

“Keenan is a Mensa high IQ scientist who has planned this campaign for ten years and is constantly honing and teaching his plans for their nationwide implementation,” his website states by way of introducing the subject.


So … what’s the plan?

According to Keenan’s campaign, the money raised by taxing marijuana at nine percent “will fund Keenan’s Space Colonization NASA for Moon travel, Mars bases, TERRAFORMING, Asteroid Mining, and Galactic expansion for generations.”

“In a personal scientific vision Keenan plans to reDux our NASA into a colonizing mission for generations to eventually mine Suns all the way to the center cluster of billions of stars of our galaxy!” his website states.

Whoa …

And we thought our belief that NASA should be privatized was radical!

We’re no “Mensa high IQs” here at FITS, but we do know a thing or two about political messaging.  And if we’d been planning our presidential campaign launch for ten years … we might have dialed down the interstellar insanity to, say, “five.”

We’re not necessarily saying the pursuit of asteroid mining as part of America’s generational galactic expansion is a bad thing … but Keenan’s “head in the stars” candidacy seems to us to be in need of a reality check.

Of course we are interested in hearing his thoughts on non-proliferation agreements with the Klingons and Romulans …